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United States
Current Residence: Outer space, USA

AIM: jamorbital

PROTIP: I DON'T TAKE COMMISSIONS, REQUESTS, OR SUGGESTIONS! Commissions have been permanently closed for a couple of years now. I appreciate your interest, but quit asking me.


Rose's Cosplay Quandary by jam-orbital
Rose's Cosplay Quandary
So we all know there's nothing Rose loves more than strict bondage. As it turns out, though, Rose has a menagerie of other bizarre turn-ons, not the least of which is forced cosplay. A certain witch caught wind of this, and, well, you can probably guess what happened next: She decided to kidnap poor Rose and indulge her hidden fantasy... ready or not!

The witch has employed a variety of cruel magical items in service of this endeavor. The foamy material packing Rose's mouth, nostrils, and ears expands to fill all empty space before taking on a firm texture, while the ropes and tape binding her grow tighter the more she struggles. Moreover, the ropes and gag have no knots, making any escape impossible without the witch's magical aid! Oh my. It's going to be a long night for Rose.

Of course, being the compassionate soul she is, the witch has also cast a spell on her captive which prevents her from running out of breath, losing circulation, or being otherwise injured by her bondage. Looks like she might have made Rose's boobs a little bigger too, though that part was unintentional. >_>

Click here for assorted variants: OTN tape wrap, blindfold, and two alternate hairstyles.

Now after seeing the above variants, you may be asking: Why the bun? Well! After making sure her captive was well and properly gagged, the witch added one final accessory to complete the outfit: A mask! (Click here for the variants.) I've put these in a separate link as a courtesy to those who might find this a bit bizarre/creepy. I find it oddly appealing, personally!

And finally, I've also made futa versions for all the above: WARNING! FUTA AHEAD! SHIELD YOUR VIRGIN EYES! No doubt this is another temporary result of the witch's kinky magic.

So yeah, this was a pretty odd one. It was a blast to draw, though. To those watchers who are as deeply weird and depraved as I am: Enjoy! :dummy:

Oh, and one last quick side note: Yui and I recently tried plugging her nose with foam earplugs in addition to the standard mouth packing and OTM gag. This actually did surprisingly little to impede her breathing. She even took an additional OTN gag on top of it all, and was able to keep it on for quite a while. I'm thinking about doing this in our next video. Hmm!
Amagi Brilliant Bondage by jam-orbital
Amagi Brilliant Bondage
Well well! Isuzu is back already, and this time she has a friend with her. Who might be behind this, I wonder? :3c

I wanted to try to be a little more accurate to the show's original style this time. I'm quite pleased with the result!
Freebie vid! (DL link in description) by jam-orbital
Freebie vid! (DL link in description)
"A Yui video!? For free, you say!?" Yes, it's true. Download here!

We actually shot this quite a while ago, before even the first vid. I spent a long time unsure of what to do with it due to the lack of footage and comparatively low quality; in the end I decided to just put together what we had and throw it up here. Hooray! Hope y'alls enjoy, and have a happy and safe new year.

Oh, also. Yui is considering dyeing her hair purple next. Yay or nay?

You can find our other vids at the links below:

Yui Bound (Video) - $10 Instant DL by jam-orbital Massively Gagged in Pink (Video) - $14 Instant DL by jam-orbital Damsel In A Dress (Video) - $12 Instant DL by jam-orbital

All performers were 18 or older at the time of filming.
18 U.S. Code § 2257 Compliance Statement
Sweaters :3c by jam-orbital
Sweaters :3c
Oh hey! Been a while since we've seen these gals in the public gallery. Gotta get in on this open-chested sweater fad before it Charlie Sheens itself into nonexistence.

Both Violet and Rose are gagged the same way. Details below:

1. Panties (Rose's in Violet's mouth, and vice-versa)
2. Huge ballgag
3. OTM x2
4. OTN x2
5. Headscarf
6. "Chinstrap" cloth tied on top of head
7. OTM
8. OTN x3
9. Cloth collar
Jam's Kinky Comeuppance by jam-orbital
Jam's Kinky Comeuppance
So as you're all (abundantly) aware by now, I love busty, bound and gagged damsels in distress. Well, here's a bizarre twist: I recently encountered a pervy witch with a penchant for ironic punishments, and she decided to give me a little taste of my own medicine. Using her kinky magic, she turned me into a girl, tied and gagged me, and kidnapped me as her personal bondage slave! Oh no! (Oh yes?)

By request, here's what I was gagged with:

1. The witch's (clean?) socks and panties
2. Bandana rolled into a thick cleave gag
3. 4'' microfoam tape
4. Thick foam noseplugs & earplugs
5. Two tight, thick OTMs
6. Four OTNs
7. Another OTM
8. Another two OTNs
9. Large bandana wrapped twice and tightly tied around my neck as a cloth collar

My mouth was packed to maximum capacity, my cheeks bulging, my lips stretched, my jaws barely able to move. I was totally unable to breathe, yet somehow I never asphyxiated. I tested out my gag -- "Hmm mm! Mmgmm!" ("Help me! I'm gagged!") -- I could barely even hear myself!

"No loud noises," she said with a teasing wag of her finger.

The spell was only temporary, of course. The witch may be a lewd one, but she's not a total sadist. ;)

Headscarf variant here:

Hs by jam-orbital

And futa variants here. (You've been warned!)

Back to the usual, more tame DID fare after this. Got a couple pics I want to finish up after this weekend, then back to work on JID2, which will likely be out sometime mid-December. Hooah!

Update: Added a bit more stuff to the description. :3c


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Hey Jam, I have a quick question for you. Have you ever thought about creating a story about one or more of your pictures? It's just an idea.
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Will there be another freebie vid in the future?
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Yup! Sorta.
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